The World of Damus

Finally, an ARPG with you in mind.

What makes us special?

The World of Damus has many truly unique features that let us stand out from the crowd.

No More Waiting

The World of Damus has a custom-built Discord Bot, known as Janet, who handles your transfer or item use in a second, instead of 2-3 hours.

Efficient Team

The World of Damus' team works around the clock in order to ensure maximum uptime of the entire game.

Playable Anywhere

The game can be played wherever, no matter the platform, as long as Discord is supported, you can do anything.

User-First Approach

The World of Damus will always put the end user first, which means that your gameplay will only get better as we refine and improve every aspect.

Unique Characters

Every single character sold in the game is completly unqiue, with a 0% accidental duplication chance.

Something Else

IDFK Linemaker I need to know this one form you as soon as you see the draft.